Inner Astro
Inner Astro

Some typical comments -

"Super interesting and helpful!" - Erin B., MFA

"Very helpful." - Elizabeth H., BA

"Amazing." - Barbara B., MA

"Spot on." - Elaine C., PhD

"Amazing." - Kaitlyn U., BA

"Very accurate." - Richard M., MA

"Very interesting." - Tiphaine C., MA

"Thank you." - Kevin W., BA

And more, from a variety of individuals.

These analyses have received highly positive feedback on helping people clarify their goals, talents, and life directions.

They have also helped people understand and manage inner conflicts that can interfere with achieving one's goals.

They have also helped people understand and manage current challenges and life changes.

And they include educating you so you can begin to study your chart on your own.

The approach I've developed quickly focuses on the most important parts of the analysis, efficiently and inexpensively.

The analysis is easy to follow, and includes explanations of the key structures in the chart.

Know Thy Self