Inner Astro
Inner Astro
Inner Self

Just as a musician plays best when they know their instrument well, so a person lives best when they know their Inner Self well.

Our Inner Self is like a master instrument through which we use all our other instruments.

A good astrological analysis helps us use our inner instrument well, and respond strategically to our current astrological environment.

It helps us

* cultivate our inner strengths
* strengthen our weaknesses
* handle our stressful times.

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare's chart shows the components of his literary genius.

And it shows his business sense as a partner in a successful theater.

My approach to astrological analysis reflects my formal education in psychology, and is consistent with modern scientific psychology.

It's also consistent with ancient and modern spirituality.

It's a systematic approach, based on modern western astrology, and on what I have observed to be effective.

The system is primarily scientific in approach, though intuition plays a part.

Introductory Offer

Two hour analysis $80.
Shorter readings available.

Know Thy Self